Jynx's Fault Songs

Creative Commons License This music is free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

We very much encourage you to distribute these songs in their entirety to whomever you wish, through whatever medium you wish. However, we ask that you keep our name attached, and that if you intend to use them in any sort of commercial or moneymaking capacity, you obtain our permission first.

MP3 Lyrics Audience How can I do something if everything I try is wrong?
MP3 Lyrics Dibs At least you have good taste.

WARNING: This song is offensive, contains adult language and themes, and is unsuitable for small children, or family members of the band who are offended by anything.

MP3 Lyrics Love Must Be Damned Tell me that you love me. Make me think it's true.
MP3 Lyrics Mute The way I speak to God is just not good enough for you.

As we continue to record, we will be adding more songs here in the weeks to come.