The Band

  • Name: Jynx []
  • Secret Identity: Developer of Stuff Management
  • Weapon: Guitar Mauler / Bass Oppression
  • Element: Zero Set
  • Alignment: CEO of the 1000 Eyes
  • Voted Most Likely To: Defy Probability

Jynx has been playing music since his grandma bought him a keyboard when he was very little. He wrote lots of songs. He eventually found other people who wanted to play his songs and make them better. Now he just wants lots of people to listen to them.

  • Name: Nate []
  • Secret Identity: Tech Support Monkey
  • Weapon: Super Stealth Black Ops Guitar / Beatin' Sticks / Sonic Girlfriend
  • Element: Motion
  • Alignment: Out of
  • Superstition: It is bad luck to get fired out of a cannon.

Nate met Jynx before any of the other band members. From that day forward the world of music trembled in fear. Many years later Jynx's Fault was formed, and the world of music gasped a sigh of relief. It became clear that Nate was far too good at guitar to play for Jynx's Fault. This is why you'll see him tucked away behind his cozy little drum set. Like that one time....that we don't talk about.

  • Name: Jenn []
  • Secret Identity: Executive Assistant to The Man
  • Weapon: Body Electric / Sonic Blues
  • Element: Surprise
  • Alignment: Chaotic Cheerful
  • Rings: Amber, Moonstone

Jenn sings. She acts, too. She likes music and drama. Mostly, I think she likes attention. One day, people said "you should sing with us, in the cosmic sense." Now, Jenn sings cosmically, she hopes ^_^

  • Name: Tony []
  • Secret Identity: Corporate Drone 24601 from Sector 7-G
  • Weapon: Voice of Reason / Nail Bat / Mighty Casey
  • Element: Precious Tritium
  • Alignment: Left Justified
  • Puppy: N/A

For years, Tony had listened to Jynx play music, and had been as impressed at his talent for writing songs as he had been at his inability to sing worth a damn. When Jynx wrote a really awesome song he planned to sing to his girlfriend called "Mute" sometime roughly in 2003, Tony had to put a stop to the madness before Jynx lost a pretty cool girl. Ever since he's been doing his best to save Jynx's musical career.

  • Name: Jander []
  • Secret Identity: Undercover Operator
  • Weapon: Keyboard Supernova / Tear Jerker
  • Element: Rain
  • Alignment: Semi-Tangential
  • Tastiest Idea Ever: Apple Butter, in the literal sense

Jander learned to play the piano at an early age, then carefully tucked his knowledge away and forgot all about it. Then one day he saw Jynx playing a song and realized, "Hey! I can do that!" And he played with the song and made it his own. And the piano said, "You're mine now, boy!" Now Jander speaks only through music.

...Well, that's not exactly how it goes, but close enough.